Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Birthday 2 You!!!

Hello there, everyone! Welcome 2 our house! I am attempting 2 start this family blog as a keepsake, and 2 keep in touch with family and friends by showing you what we're up 2!

In case you were wondering, Aidan turned 2 on Dec. 22, and we're enjoying/experiencing all the ups and downs that come along with that age. We had to postpone Aidan's birthday party because he was sick, but we had a wonderful birthday dinner and also enjoyed some fun family time on Christmas Eve and Day.

Aidan is growing by leaps and bounds and amazes us daily by the things he does, and by his growing vocabulary. His favorite things are trucks, cars, airplanes, and especially trains (choo-choos).

Some things he is saying:

"He-woe?" (while picking up a play phone, real phone, or remote control)

"Be careful, Daddy!"

"Giant Excavator" (!)

"Chooo-Choooo, where are you?"

"No barking, Harley."

Us: "New York City???" Aidan: "Get a rope!!!"

"I see the moon. Hi moon!

"Night-night, Christmas Tree!"

Some things he is doing:

Brushing his hair

Brushing Mommy's hair
Not wanting to brush his teeth...

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Dancing to his favorite songs

Eating frozen waffles (!)

Aidan Michael, you are perfect for this family, and we thank God for guiding us to you. You are our chosen child, and we love you, precious boy.
Mommy and Daddy