Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crazy FOUR You!

Oh my little boy, where did the time go? Was it really four years ago that we met you? Fed you your first bottle? Spent our first Christmas as a family? Flew home with you on New Year's Eve? Everyone told us how fast that time flies by, and they were right! (Although during 3am feedings, it seemed the nights lasted forever!)

We are so proud of you, precious boy, and are thankful that God chose our family for you! You stand out with your stature and infectious personality. You thrive in your relationships and are more interested in the friends who will be at an activity than the activity itself. In a group of children you can be seen (and heard!) organizing games, and the kids listen to you!

We know that God has big plans for you, little man, and we are so thankful, and excited to be able to travel this journey with you. You were prayed for by many before you were born--even before we knew about you. You are prayed for every day, and we'll pray for you the rest of our lives. My son, you are wanted, you were longingly waited for, you are loved. You are perfect for our family, and we rejoice in the miracle of you on this day, and all that follow. We ask God to bless you in this coming year, to keep you healthy, safe, and to knock on the door of your heart.

All our Love,

Mommy & Daddy