Sunday, November 8, 2009

At Three & Five-Sixths

Aidan Michael, at almost four you:

love dinosaurs

have 2 imaginary friends named "Shadow" and "T-Rex" (Shadow is a girl and T-Rex is a T-Rex)

are 44 inches tall, and 55 pounds

wear a size 13 shoe

feed the dog and cat by yourself

can add and subtract to 10

can read some sight words

have an amazing imagination!

make up games

thrive in large groups of friends and family

love bugs

are memorizing scripture verses

love trains

carry your Hotwheels cars around in a bag

leave your "just add water" growing dinosaurs in sinks all over the house
want to be the boss!

are still working on writing your name

don't really love to color...

want to eat chicken nuggets at every meal! (this, however, doesn't happen)

love brocolli, winter squash, and sweet potatoes (might make up for the nuggets a little...)

love ALL fruit

love your Mimi, Pop, Aunt K, Uncle Mel, Nana, and Dad-Dad

are getting into wearing costumes (King and Pirate are faves right now)

are Mommy's big helper

love to play tackle with Daddy

want to be the center of attention at all times

don't ever want the fun to end

sleep with your night-night and (all) your animals

are starting to grow out of your naps....*sigh*

go with Daddy to the big barber shop every 3 weeks

LOVE popcorn!

are a persistant little negotiator...

are working on your "L" and "S" speech sounds

are really enjoying singing to your favorite songs (fave: "I Will Not Be Afraid" & "I Get Down" on VBS cd). You're even on pitch most of the time!

want to "go somewhere" every day!

always want to know "what's next?"

are a sweet little shepherd to the little girls in your life (Baby Claire and Autumn)

will be four in about 40 days

grasping what it means to be adopted

are growing by leaps and bounds every day

are my precious Aidan Michael!!!