Friday, April 24, 2009

Sowing Seeds

(A conversation that took place in the car with Daddy)

AIDAN: Daddy, where is Jesus right now?

DADDY: Jesus is in Heaven, but He can also live in your heart.

AIDAN: I want to see Him right now! (Aside by me: Seriously, how does a parent respond to this one???)

DADDY: You will see Him someday, but right now you're Mommy and Daddy's little boy. (Aside by me: GO DADDY!!!)

AIDAN: Ok. I'll just see Him after we get donuts and go to the lake.


Aidan Michael, you are such an amazing boy! Daddy and I are so thankful that you're ours. We know though, that first you are God's and we love witnessing your little heart stirring in response to Him. We have prayed for your salvation even before we knew about you, and ask God for wisdom in raising you. We love you so much, and joyously look forward to the day our Savior writes His name in your heart.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Spring!

On a whim, Aidan and I stopped by one of my favorite places, the Antique Rose Emporium, on the way home from Nana's house last week. I'm SO glad we did because everything was in bloom, and it was simply breathtaking. It was so fun just following Aidan around the gardens as he pulled our wagon of flowers. Amazing place. Hope you enjoy our pictures! (Easter camping trip pics coming soon!)

The poppies were as tall as him!

Yes, those are lettuces in front. We kept expecting to see Peter Rabbit any minute.

Just b/c I was feeling artsy...

This one is my fave!

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Happy Happy Everything!

From The House of Karrs