Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gimme 5!!!

Aidan turned 5 on December 22nd! I can't believe it...

Aidan, at 5 years old you:

Love STAR WARS and Super Heroes
Love to make everyone laugh -esp. Baby Sis
Love board games and especially love WINNING...
Love to hang out with Mimi and Aunt K
Love to sing, just not in front of me! :'(
Love to be the leader
Love to tell Bible stories :)
Love to sneak into Mommy and Daddy's bed at night
Love to help Mom choose and count out fruits and veggies at the grocery store
Love to help Daddy outside and run errands in his truck

Love to push Brynley's stroller

Are able to spend more time on art/Mommy School projects and are using scissors really well!
Can write your name, but not too interested in writing anything more yet...
Can tell you the sound each letter makes, AND the letter that goes with a given sound. (HUGE pre-reading and reading skills!)

Know many sight words and are reading some spelling patterns!

Don't really love to help Mom cook...

"Get" humor when I think it might be over your head

Are becoming a more adventurous eater: You now eat pasta, pomegranates (??), and salad (YAY!!!).

Want to know "the plan" for the day every morning so you can start negotiating out of a nap or quiet time ASAP.

Can dress yourself all except for socks :)

Are a little "Soccer Beast"! GO BLUE SHARKS!!!

Are kind of afraid of heights
Are starting to open your heart to Jesus :D

Five Year Faves: (in his own words)

Fave Food: nuggets, meat, kiwi, corn dogs

Fave Color: Blue Shark Blue
Fave Animal: Lions and Blue Sharks and ALL of the animals

Fave Time of Day: morning and playing my wii and jumping on my trampoline
Fave Christmas/b-day gifts: Bat Cave, car rug, and trampoline
Fave thing at church: playing outside and getting the blue shovel

Fave thing at Preschool: learning about God :)

Fave Song: the ones on the High Seas Adventure CD from VBS

Fave Show: Tweetie Bird
Fave Treat: candy
Fave Place: Disneyland
Funny thing you said today:

"Brynley, you're barking up the wrong tree!"

Aidan Michael, I can't imagine my life without your infectious laugh and soft brown eyes. I love the way your curious beautiful mind works, and you keep us all on our toes with the things you do, say, and the ideas you come up with. You are growing so fast! I can't believe what a big boy you are for 5 years. Your stature, vocabulary, and your "old soul" make you seem so much older than 5, but then I look back at your baby pictures, and it seems like just yesterday we were giving you bottles, and pushing you in the little red car that you take Brynley for rides in now! You're probably going to be bigger than me-sooner rather than later!- but you'll always be my little boy. I'm always going to be your mommy, and I'm always going to love you. No matter what.

Happy Birthday, little man!!! I'm SO proud of you!

~Momma :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

National Lampoon's Polish Thanksgiving

Ok, YES, it's after New Year's but I started this in November and one of my resolutions is to blog more often! Enjoy!!!

My mom’s side of the family always celebrates Thanksgiving the Sunday before because my uncle goes hunting over the actual holiday. This year, we were all meeting at my grandma’s old house in Karnes City, TX where my aunt lives now.

Our family Thanksgiving was delayed a little this year…

My uncle’s turkey fryer broke so my cousin brought a new one, and after a brief welding job, it was able to fry some poultry. So when we arrived at my aunt’s house, the turkeys were still being fried 10 miles away at my uncle’s house. That was ok, because the house on the other side of my aunt’s field was on fire and we were watching the fire fighters, first locate the house that was on fire (umm…maybe the one on the main highway with the smoke billowing???--Keep in mind that this is Karnes City, TX.), and then fight the fire.

Still no turkeys.

But then the mariachis showed up and played for an hour. :) Finally the turkeys arrived but we were informed that on the way back to the feast two of them were lost because my uncle’s tailgate flew open, and they fell out…and were subsequently run over by an RV. I do not know what caused the tailgate to fly open on HWY 181, nor do I know why the birds were hanging out back there to begin with. We were very thankful to have the two remaining turkeys though, because we had children and hungry mariachis to feed.

We all ate, finally, and then the septic system decided to back up, which is a problem anyway, but especially when you have full children and mariachis. So of course, my mom, Barb, The Polish Tornado, was out there digging it all out. She ruined her festive blouse, and had to wear a camel cigarette T-shirt for the rest of her visit.

In spite of all this, everyone ate and had a good time, and arrived home in one piece and relatively sanitized.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

PS: No people or animals were injured in the fire.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


We're having a fun and busy October here at HOK! Here's a little slideshow of what we've been up to! Mute the playlist below to hear the song.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!!!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beach Trip!!!

Here's a little slideshow of our annual family beach trip earlier this month. Mute the song on Playlist below to hear the music (or just mute both if they annoy!).

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo (& Phunny) Phriday

Brynley's Adoption Finalization, July 28, 2010

Happy Day!!!

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Patriotic Pirates!

Weekly Aidanisms:

*"Mommy, I fink you're right. Jesus IS better than Spiderman!" :D

* About 20 minutes after this, he walks in from the garage in his underwear, and says:
"Mommy, when I was out going tee tee in the front yard, I met a girl." (My neighbor's 8 year old niece is visiting.)

He was supposed to just be getting dog food.
Welcome to New Braunfels, Mackenzie.

Friday, July 9, 2010

And A Half

It’s been a while since my last post! “Photo Phriday" didn’t really kick things off in April… We have had a really busy summer so far: swimming lessons, Schlitterbahn, soccer camp, camping, day trips, children’s museum, the lake, playdates, Bible Study, and Kindermusik. Baby Sister has been going along for the ride like a champ and loving it. She is a great little traveler, and is enamored of her big brother and everything he does!

Aidan Michael Karr- 4 and a half

Swim Lessons at Schlitterbahn

Soccer Camp!

Favorite Color: Red or Blue or Green or Pink(?!?)

Favorite Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Food: Chicken Nuggets (will this EVER end???) and fruit. And dessert.

Favorite Super Hero: Batman (& "Robinson" hahaha!)

Favorite Animal: Dusty Dog

Favorite Star Wars Character: Princess Layla and C-Freaky-Oh tied. :)


"chicken blower"- turkey baster
"grass dryer"- leaf blower
"microphone ears"- earphones
"shane of comb" ("cone of shame" from the movie Up)- lampshade pet collar

"kick stick"- kickstand

Brynley Katherine Karr- at (almost) half a year:

She LOVES her Daddy!

Prince and Princess of Quite A Lot

(He's holding her sword for her. She gets the RED one.)

Getting Lots of Sugar!

Perfecting the Pout

First Time at Schlitterbahn- LOVED it!

Brynley's New Stuff:
Rolling Over
Eating Solid Food- has tried and liked: rice cereal, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, peas, and pears

Moving objects from hand to hand

Swimming-Loves the water and starts kicking when I put her swimsuit on her. :)


"talking" and "singing"

laughing at Big Brother

watching Dusty Dog

listening to Aidan sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"


playing with her ball

chewing on books
her Jumparoo
watching butterflies outside

Mommy and Daddy!


Sistie (Aidan), Brynley Kate (Aidan and Mommy), Sweetie Kate, Swimmy Kate, Roly Kate, Jumpy Kate, anything that ends with "Kate"..., Burnley (Daddy (?))

Super Power:

Super Drooling Power :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo Phriday

Ok, I'm gonna try something new: "Photo Phriday" so I can at least post pics of the kiddos and fam, even if I don't have enough time to write what I want. I hope you enjoy them! AND...please leave a comment if you stop by. I love hearing from you!

~Brooke :)

They LOVE each other!

The Fam Easter Weekend

Brynley, 10 weeks old

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Something Beautiful

I can't even put into words the miracle that has happened in our family! I still can't get over it. I don't think I ever want to. Brynley Katherine Karr joined our family on January 26 at four days old. She was born on a Friday. We found out about her on Monday, and brought her home on Tuesday!

We had been waiting for over a year for our second child, and had signed with Generations Adoptions. We were (meaning I was...) doing our best to be patient and rest in God's timing and plan, but I honestly thought we'd have a baby before now, and the wait was getting hard. Little did I know (like we ever do...) the Lord's plan for our family, friends, and of course our new girl! I know He was just beaming up in Heaven, and said to everyone, "Watch this!!!"

On Monday, January 25, I was sitting in my Bible Study at church and my phone kept buzzing. Annoyed, I went to the hall to answer it. Our agency's director was on the other line telling me something about a birthmom who chose us (I was thinking that it was about a baby due in a few weeks whose birthmom was viewing our profile.) THEN I hear, "...and the baby was born on Friday. It's a little girl, and our 2 case workers are on their way to go get her and then you can come pick her up." I believe all I said up til now was, "What?...WHAT?!?" as I slid down the wall. I assured our director I wasn't driving, and that I would call and tell Aaron. Of course, then I ran back to class and told my girls, "We have a baby girl!!!" as I fell to my knees and they surrounded me with hugs and happy tears. Then we ran down the hall and pulled all our friends out of their classes and told them the news. Then I dashed home and got busy. My two sweet friends, Julie and Aleesa, came over and we got busy sorting through baby clothes and washing all the tiny stuff, fixing up the crib, cleaning the house, etc. The next morning our case worker came to update our home study. Shortly after she left, Aaron, Aidan, Mimi, and I drove to the agency in Waco where we met Brynley and signed papers, etc. We got home that evening to a house FULL of family and friends Such a whirlwind, but it's been wonderful.

Many ladies at the bible study had just learned about our hope to adopt at a large group prayer session the week before. Little did we or anyone know that God would answer this prayer in just a week's time! People who didn't even know us before were able to share in the joy. Many have shared with me how much Brynley's arrival touched them. Some have shared their own adoption stories. Our generous Savior had this planned all along. The Lord allowed this to happen at the perfect place at the perfect time, and SO much more amazing than anything I would have planned (if He'd let me!). He does tell us: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,"(Isaiah 55:8) We just have to trust in Him, even when it's hard, and offer a sacrifice of praise even when we don't feel like it. Sounds so simple, but why is this a lesson I must learn over and over again?

Praise you, Lord for Your provision and patience with me, though I'm so undeserving! Thank you for this blessing you've given our family!

Brynley Kate, it was love at first sight, sweet girl. How we have waited for you! You fit right into our family like the final piece of a puzzle. Your arrival has made us complete, and you are perfect for us. We were missing you and didn't even know it! You are a miracle and we pray that we honor God in raising you.

Aidan Michael, did you grow up overnight? You are an AMAZING big brother! I love to see you talking, playing, and singing to your baby sister when you don't know I'm watching. She loves you! You love her so much too, and are such a big helper. I'm so proud of you, little man!



Monday, February 1, 2010

Guess What???!!!

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Friday, January 8, 2010


Aidan Michael Karr at 4 Year Old Check-up:

Height: 44 inches
Weight: 58lbs
Shoe: size 13 wide
Shots: 4 painful ones (poor baby!) :'(
Famous Quotes:

(in dr. office after injections)
"That's NOT very nice, hurting people..."

(on the night of his birthday, very tired and about to succumb to a sugar coma)
AIDAN: I don't WANT to be four! I want be THREE!!!
MOM: Ok, you can be three.
AIDAN: But am I still four?
MOM: Yes.
AIDAN: NOOOO!!! Let's pray to God so He can make me three again.
MOM: Dear God, Aidan doesn't want to be four anymore, so could You please make him three again? In Jesus' name, Amen.
AIDAN: So what did He say?

(the following morning)
AIDAN: Mommy, am I four?
MOM: Do you want to be four?
MOM: Then yes, you're four.


MOMMY (to Daddy as he walks out the door): Can you please take out the trash, Babe?
(Door closes)
AIDAN: Momma, Babe didn't hear you...
(story of my life...)

DADDY: What did you learn at school today?
AIDAN: about faith
DADDY: What about faith?
AIDAN: that it's in your heart