Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beach Trip

*As I was buckling Aidan into the car this morning, he told me: Mommy, you're a beautiful Bunny Rabbit!"

...and I knew it was going to be a good day! :)

In September, our family was finally able to go to the beach! Our trip was up in the air due first to Hurricane Dolly, and then Ike. We were able to skirt around Ike and have a great time! A cold front blew in while we were there and it made for some overcast, but eventually gorgeous cool days-a first for our beach trips that are usually hotter than blazes! Aidan had a blast with Nana, Dad-Dad, Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Trey, Uncle Justin, and his BFF Emmie.

His Favorites were:

1. Riding the BIG tube rides at Schlitterbahn S. Padre (This kid is FEARLESS.)
2. Playing hide and seek in the condo with Uncle Trey and Uncle Justin.

3. Eating fried fish at "Dirty Al's" (SO yummy!)

4. Racing his trucks and playing with Nana in the sand.

5. Hunting for shells (there were LOTS b/c of the weather)

6. Jumping waves (and wiping out) in the surf.

7. Eating shrimp and corn on the cob at our shrimp boil.

8. Visiting the sea turtle rescue center and feeding lettuce to "Merry Christmas" the Green Sea Turtle.
We always love our family beach trip, and look forward to continuing the tradition for years to come!