Wednesday, April 4, 2012


is all I can say for how long it's been since my last post! Yikes! I was determined to keep this up, since I am openly "anti-scrap-booking". My mantra was "I'm a Blogger, not a scrapper!" Well for over a year I've been neither, so let me catch up a little:
Aidan Michael
is our resident kindergartener, and expert on all things. He has his own special way of doing most things, and wants to be The President when he grows up so he can "write books like Dr. Seuss". He says, his first book will be titled "Pandas in Pants". He loves school, his friends, his Mimi, LEGOS, riding his bike, hiking, camping, swimming, karate, and board games. He turned 6 in December, and at 52' tall, is currently wearing a size 4 shoe. So he will be President in his spare time when not line-backing for the Cowboys. Maybe they'll be winning some games by then...
Current Faves~
Food: turkey burger
Game: checkers
Book: Skippyjon Jones
Song: Blessed Be Your Name
Place: anywhere his friends are (or Mimi or Aunt K)
Vegetable: broccoli and cucumbers tied
fruit: berries and pineapple
Pass Time: Playing Angry Birds and tackling Daddy
Nicknames: Bubba/Bubbie (Brynley and Mom), Bubsy/Little Bodie (Poppa), Mister (Mimi and K), Mikey (Daddy (?!?)), Little Papi (t-ball coach)
Quotable Quote:
"BRYNLEY!!! It's PLAY-dough NOT EAT dough!"
Aidan Michael, our little man-child, you are a joy to us and we love you very much! We are so proud of the hard work you are doing in school, but we are most ecstatic that you asked Jesus into your heart this year! Of all the things we could pray for you to learn and do, this is the most important. We thank God for you and your heart for Him!
Brynley Katherine
If Brother is going to be the leader of the free world, Little b is gonna be it's personal assistant. This busy, sassy little lady loves to help mommy with chores like laundry, "re-organizing" cabinets and contents of drawers, :) and cleaning up "messes" with baby wipes as she sings her favorite songs over and over. She loves to pick flowers, give the dogs their treats, and can be heard fussing at them if they don't behave like gentlemen. She is happiest with crayons, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, water, and/or playdough in her hands. Incidently, all other writing tools have been assigned new homes, out this girl's reach after she walked INTO the room several times WITH ballpoint pens in hand. The permanent markers are in solitary confinement in our child-proofed knife drawer. The rock work on our fireplace thanks us... :}
She is fearless around bugs-a fact that backfired on me last week when she flat out full-lips KISSED an earthworm I let her hold. :P
Brynley Kate, my busy bee! You are a light and joy in our family. You are my shadow and sidekick, and I love you for it! You were two in January, and are changing from toddler to little girl before my eyes it seems. I love to watch you color and write o's, and name your colors and letters, but what what melts me is your compassionate heart. You are convinced that a bandaid, ice, or binky will cure all people of their owies and tears. I love that you want to fix us all and make the world a better place. You make our lives a better place, and we love you!
Song~ "Jesus uvs me, GO AWAY, GO AWAY" (medly of Jesus Loves Me/Where is Thumbkin)
Book~ Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Show~ "Jesus Show" ("The Very First Noel")
Food~ Pasta
Fruit~ peaches
Vegetable: none (we are working on this...)
Pass Time: Playing in the bathroom sink
Nicknames: B, BB, BK, Bree, Sister-Girl, Miss Priss, Sassy McFrassy (Mommy), Bird (Daddy)
Quotable Quote:
Mom: Brynley, do you want some pasta?
Brynley: Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!