Friday, February 6, 2009

Frogs, Snails, and Dino-Burgers

Our 3 year old has been really cracking us up lately with the things he says and does. Here are a few gems:

*Aidan was trying to play underfoot in our bathroom before church one morning, so we asked him to please take his toys to another room. He walked out and said, "Good-BYE, Your Highness!" Then shut the door.

*Aidan loves to look at his big dinosaur book in the car. We've learned that the ones with teeth ate meat, and the ones with no teeth ate plants. I pointed to a particularly toothy dinosaur and asked Aidan what it ate.
He shouted, "A BURGER!"

*Aidan loves to play in the backyard with his big dog, Griffin, or "Giff-bo" as he calls him. Sometimes their games carry on until after the sun goes down and we can only keeps tabs on them by Aidan's light-up shoes. One evening, our motion-sensitive light clicked on, and standing there in the spotlight, Aidan raised his arms and yelled, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!..."

We about passed out at that ^^^one.

*Last but not least-New house rule: No snails allowed in the refrigerator.

Here are his latest faves:

Favorite book: Stellaluna and anything I Spy
Favorite game: Zingo
Favorite color: green
Favorite treat: Sonic Slush, a GREEN one.
Favorite animal: Dinosaur
Favorite song: Jesus, You're My Lighthouse
Favorite Bible Story: Goliath (Go-WY-uff), and Daniel in the Lions' (Wyons') Den tied
Favorite Letters: O and S
Favorite thing to wear: his new light-up tennis shoes (Size 12, aaahhh!!!)
Favorite thing to debate: Bedtime and wearing a jacket, tied
Favorite foods: Chicken Nuggets and Corndogs (has no idea Mommy buys the veggie ones which are actually very yummy!)
Favorite instrument: DRUMS. :}