Thursday, March 4, 2010

Something Beautiful

I can't even put into words the miracle that has happened in our family! I still can't get over it. I don't think I ever want to. Brynley Katherine Karr joined our family on January 26 at four days old. She was born on a Friday. We found out about her on Monday, and brought her home on Tuesday!

We had been waiting for over a year for our second child, and had signed with Generations Adoptions. We were (meaning I was...) doing our best to be patient and rest in God's timing and plan, but I honestly thought we'd have a baby before now, and the wait was getting hard. Little did I know (like we ever do...) the Lord's plan for our family, friends, and of course our new girl! I know He was just beaming up in Heaven, and said to everyone, "Watch this!!!"

On Monday, January 25, I was sitting in my Bible Study at church and my phone kept buzzing. Annoyed, I went to the hall to answer it. Our agency's director was on the other line telling me something about a birthmom who chose us (I was thinking that it was about a baby due in a few weeks whose birthmom was viewing our profile.) THEN I hear, "...and the baby was born on Friday. It's a little girl, and our 2 case workers are on their way to go get her and then you can come pick her up." I believe all I said up til now was, "What?...WHAT?!?" as I slid down the wall. I assured our director I wasn't driving, and that I would call and tell Aaron. Of course, then I ran back to class and told my girls, "We have a baby girl!!!" as I fell to my knees and they surrounded me with hugs and happy tears. Then we ran down the hall and pulled all our friends out of their classes and told them the news. Then I dashed home and got busy. My two sweet friends, Julie and Aleesa, came over and we got busy sorting through baby clothes and washing all the tiny stuff, fixing up the crib, cleaning the house, etc. The next morning our case worker came to update our home study. Shortly after she left, Aaron, Aidan, Mimi, and I drove to the agency in Waco where we met Brynley and signed papers, etc. We got home that evening to a house FULL of family and friends Such a whirlwind, but it's been wonderful.

Many ladies at the bible study had just learned about our hope to adopt at a large group prayer session the week before. Little did we or anyone know that God would answer this prayer in just a week's time! People who didn't even know us before were able to share in the joy. Many have shared with me how much Brynley's arrival touched them. Some have shared their own adoption stories. Our generous Savior had this planned all along. The Lord allowed this to happen at the perfect place at the perfect time, and SO much more amazing than anything I would have planned (if He'd let me!). He does tell us: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,"(Isaiah 55:8) We just have to trust in Him, even when it's hard, and offer a sacrifice of praise even when we don't feel like it. Sounds so simple, but why is this a lesson I must learn over and over again?

Praise you, Lord for Your provision and patience with me, though I'm so undeserving! Thank you for this blessing you've given our family!

Brynley Kate, it was love at first sight, sweet girl. How we have waited for you! You fit right into our family like the final piece of a puzzle. Your arrival has made us complete, and you are perfect for us. We were missing you and didn't even know it! You are a miracle and we pray that we honor God in raising you.

Aidan Michael, did you grow up overnight? You are an AMAZING big brother! I love to see you talking, playing, and singing to your baby sister when you don't know I'm watching. She loves you! You love her so much too, and are such a big helper. I'm so proud of you, little man!