Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Year Ago Today

Happy First birthday, Brynley Kate!!!
We celebrated your special day with family and friends last weekend, but, Baby Girl, a year ago today was not your birthday. A year ago today your were four days old and we met you for the first time, brought you home and welcomed you to our family. A year ago today you became our little girl, and I still never tire of telling the story of how God brought you to us. A year ago today we had no idea what we had been missing before you came into our lives. Brynley Katherine, you are a delight and joy in our family and you are perfect for us! I can't imagine my day not starting with you jumping up and down in your crib like a baby monkey with your hair sticking out! I can't imagine not seeing your sweet face or hearing your sweet voice copy mine. You love to dance and clap to music, look at your books, eat banana bread, pet Harley-Dog, pull out your bows, and invade Brother's toys! You're such a Daddy's girl!! You light up when Daddy pulls into the driveway, and you find the fastest route to his arms. Your curious intelligent mind is a wonder to me and I love to sit and watch your tiny fingers intricately maneuver toys, food, books, and cabinet doors! You walked five steps on your birthday, and you walked across the playroom last night. You are transforming into a toddler right before my eyes, and I'm so proud of you, though part of me aches for how fast your babyhood has flown by. Sometimes I wish time would slow down, but I am excited for what adventures we'll have as you toddle your way into your second year. What a privilege it is to be your mommy! I pray for your health and safety. I pray that you always know how much we love you and want you. I pray we honor God in raising you, and that even now He starts to knock on the door of your beautiful heart.
All my love,

January 26, 2010

Monday, January 17, 2011

Karr Christmas 2010

Here's a little slideshow of some of our fave pics from December. Just mute the playlist below to hear the song. :)

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