Thursday, March 26, 2009


We have been enjoying our Spring Break around here! Technically, Aidan isn't in "real school", but his MDO is having a break, and I'm not teaching this week. It's SO nice to get to spend more time at home and not rush anywhere. I'm really loving spending some great one-on-one time with Aidan. Since we are still waiting for our next child, and don't know when we'll be matched, I'm trying to soak up this time while Aidan is still my only. We do still have our power struggles, but we're making progress (Thanks, Growing Kids God's Way!), and I'm amazed and more in love with my little boy every day. We've been planting flowerbeds, collecting bugs, learning letters and sight words, counting, painting, swimming, making banana bread, and planning a big camping trip that's coming up very soon!

Aidan's latest fave thing to do is to ride his Skuut Bike. As you can see in the pics, it's a little wooden 2 wheeler w/o pedals for toddlers that teaches them how to balance so they'll never need training wheels. We've had it since Christmas (Thanks, Mimi and Pop!), but about 2 weeks ago, he started just walking along "Flintstone-style" as he sat on it. Then, he started lifting his feet for short periods of time, and now he can ride the length of the driveway with both feet up. It's amazing to see! He got so fearless that we started making him wear a helmet when he rides! Apparantly, some avidly-cycling European countries give these bikes to their toddlers so that they can make the transition to breaks and pedals easier, after already learning the hardest part: balancing. All we know is that at age 3, this kid is FLYING on two wheels! I'm going to try and post a video of his riding. He's so proud! If you haven't already gotten your preschooler a bike, we highly recommend this one!

Happy Spring Everyone!!!

~Aaron, Brooke, & Aidan :)