Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stuck on You

Okay, I just couldn't resist this one. Aidan got in to my dresser drawers while I was getting ready on this particular morning. The the resulting ensemble was a pair of my Christmas socks, and the cover-up skirt from an old bathing suit--not forgetting our latest obsession with wallpapering our forearms with as many stickers as possible. He was very proud to pose for this pic, and I was glad to oblige!

Aidan's latest top 10:

1) Favorite vehicle: back-hoe and cement trucks tied

2) Favorite Food: any and all BERRIES

3) Favorite Book: Jamberry (go figure ^!)

4) Favorite Song: "Oh Happy Day!" (to be sung to the CD in the car, while playing his drum)

5) Favorite Movie: Nemo

6) Favorite Animal: Griffin, our new BIG dog...

7) Favorite Place: Mimi's House and Nana's House tied

8) Favorite Pass-time: Playing in the bathroom sink...and playing choo-choos with Daddy tied

9)Favorite Game: "You Can't Change My Diaper If You Can't Catch Me"

10) Favorite Thing: Stickers. All over.

Some things he is saying:

"Dinner's ready? Pass the beans!"

"I don't need dinner. I need a STICK!"

"That's MY Griffin."

"My Daddy drives a bobcat."

"Aidan swims like Nemo!"

Us: "Aidan, where is ______?" Aidan: "Rot dare." (right there)

"I hear music!"

"Oh, I LOVE you!"

Oh Aidan Michael, I love you too! You are such a ray of sunshine and ball of fire in our family, and you are perfect for us! You crack me up with your clowning and toothy grin--especially the cheesy-just-for-pictures one! You challenge me with your determination to live out loud. I never want to forget the truck books in my bed, the toy car I found carefully placed in my pajamas, the sippy cups and Cheerios on the floorboard of my car, and the stickers on the shower door this morning. Thank you for being my little boy. I love you!



Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Easter!

Hunting for Eggs at an Easter Party
I LOVE these handsome guys!
More treats with Mommy!
At Church Easter Sunday

I dropped my candy!

Yes, It's a little after the fact, but Easter was early this year! Crazy how it just snuck up on us! Even so, we had a wonderful Easter Weekend with family and friends. Aidan has grown to be quite the egg-hunting pro. He even has his own method: empty the contents of each egg as it is found, and throw the plastic halves back on the grass to psych-out the other kids. This also allows for more room in the basket for more treats...We all watched and laughed hysterically at our little "hunter" as he did this over and over!
Happy Easter!!!
"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said!" Matthew 28:6

Monday, April 7, 2008

San Antonio Zoo!

Welcome to the zoo! I LOVE this place!

In front of a Hippo Hiney

Jaguar Encounter

Chasing Butterflies with Emily at the "Catterpillar Flight School"
March 13 was a beautiful spring day, so we went to the San Antonio Zoo with our good friends Deb Ashcraft, and Ginger, Emily, and baby Claire Tapley. The kids had a great time running from exhibit to exhibit, and the moms were grateful for the extra set of hands. Thank you, Deb!
Here are some of our faves from the day:
~The new "Africa Live" exhibit-LOVED the hippos!
~The butterfly house
~ Watching a zoo animal puppet show
~ Being inches away from a Jaguar (Aidan kept calling him "Baby Jaguar" from the Diego cartoon "Raaw! Raaw!"-He was definitely not a baby!)
~ Feeding the ducks and fish
~ Finishing up the day with a trip to St. Joseph's Storehouse and Bakery. The moms loved the chicken salad, chocolate cake, and chilled cucumber water, and the kids loved the fruit, chips, and chocolate chip cookies! If you haven't been to this deli yet, go. It's like a block away from the zoo, on St. Mary's St., so yummy, and the perfect way to finish a zoo trip!
Aidan Michael, It's such an adventure seeing the world through your eyes. Something new is always around the bend, and I'm loving the ride! Thank you for being my little boy.