Friday, January 8, 2010


Aidan Michael Karr at 4 Year Old Check-up:

Height: 44 inches
Weight: 58lbs
Shoe: size 13 wide
Shots: 4 painful ones (poor baby!) :'(
Famous Quotes:

(in dr. office after injections)
"That's NOT very nice, hurting people..."

(on the night of his birthday, very tired and about to succumb to a sugar coma)
AIDAN: I don't WANT to be four! I want be THREE!!!
MOM: Ok, you can be three.
AIDAN: But am I still four?
MOM: Yes.
AIDAN: NOOOO!!! Let's pray to God so He can make me three again.
MOM: Dear God, Aidan doesn't want to be four anymore, so could You please make him three again? In Jesus' name, Amen.
AIDAN: So what did He say?

(the following morning)
AIDAN: Mommy, am I four?
MOM: Do you want to be four?
MOM: Then yes, you're four.


MOMMY (to Daddy as he walks out the door): Can you please take out the trash, Babe?
(Door closes)
AIDAN: Momma, Babe didn't hear you...
(story of my life...)

DADDY: What did you learn at school today?
AIDAN: about faith
DADDY: What about faith?
AIDAN: that it's in your heart