Monday, November 29, 2010

National Lampoon's Polish Thanksgiving

Ok, YES, it's after New Year's but I started this in November and one of my resolutions is to blog more often! Enjoy!!!

My mom’s side of the family always celebrates Thanksgiving the Sunday before because my uncle goes hunting over the actual holiday. This year, we were all meeting at my grandma’s old house in Karnes City, TX where my aunt lives now.

Our family Thanksgiving was delayed a little this year…

My uncle’s turkey fryer broke so my cousin brought a new one, and after a brief welding job, it was able to fry some poultry. So when we arrived at my aunt’s house, the turkeys were still being fried 10 miles away at my uncle’s house. That was ok, because the house on the other side of my aunt’s field was on fire and we were watching the fire fighters, first locate the house that was on fire (umm…maybe the one on the main highway with the smoke billowing???--Keep in mind that this is Karnes City, TX.), and then fight the fire.

Still no turkeys.

But then the mariachis showed up and played for an hour. :) Finally the turkeys arrived but we were informed that on the way back to the feast two of them were lost because my uncle’s tailgate flew open, and they fell out…and were subsequently run over by an RV. I do not know what caused the tailgate to fly open on HWY 181, nor do I know why the birds were hanging out back there to begin with. We were very thankful to have the two remaining turkeys though, because we had children and hungry mariachis to feed.

We all ate, finally, and then the septic system decided to back up, which is a problem anyway, but especially when you have full children and mariachis. So of course, my mom, Barb, The Polish Tornado, was out there digging it all out. She ruined her festive blouse, and had to wear a camel cigarette T-shirt for the rest of her visit.

In spite of all this, everyone ate and had a good time, and arrived home in one piece and relatively sanitized.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

PS: No people or animals were injured in the fire.

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