Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gimme 5!!!

Aidan turned 5 on December 22nd! I can't believe it...

Aidan, at 5 years old you:

Love STAR WARS and Super Heroes
Love to make everyone laugh -esp. Baby Sis
Love board games and especially love WINNING...
Love to hang out with Mimi and Aunt K
Love to sing, just not in front of me! :'(
Love to be the leader
Love to tell Bible stories :)
Love to sneak into Mommy and Daddy's bed at night
Love to help Mom choose and count out fruits and veggies at the grocery store
Love to help Daddy outside and run errands in his truck

Love to push Brynley's stroller

Are able to spend more time on art/Mommy School projects and are using scissors really well!
Can write your name, but not too interested in writing anything more yet...
Can tell you the sound each letter makes, AND the letter that goes with a given sound. (HUGE pre-reading and reading skills!)

Know many sight words and are reading some spelling patterns!

Don't really love to help Mom cook...

"Get" humor when I think it might be over your head

Are becoming a more adventurous eater: You now eat pasta, pomegranates (??), and salad (YAY!!!).

Want to know "the plan" for the day every morning so you can start negotiating out of a nap or quiet time ASAP.

Can dress yourself all except for socks :)

Are a little "Soccer Beast"! GO BLUE SHARKS!!!

Are kind of afraid of heights
Are starting to open your heart to Jesus :D

Five Year Faves: (in his own words)

Fave Food: nuggets, meat, kiwi, corn dogs

Fave Color: Blue Shark Blue
Fave Animal: Lions and Blue Sharks and ALL of the animals

Fave Time of Day: morning and playing my wii and jumping on my trampoline
Fave Christmas/b-day gifts: Bat Cave, car rug, and trampoline
Fave thing at church: playing outside and getting the blue shovel

Fave thing at Preschool: learning about God :)

Fave Song: the ones on the High Seas Adventure CD from VBS

Fave Show: Tweetie Bird
Fave Treat: candy
Fave Place: Disneyland
Funny thing you said today:

"Brynley, you're barking up the wrong tree!"

Aidan Michael, I can't imagine my life without your infectious laugh and soft brown eyes. I love the way your curious beautiful mind works, and you keep us all on our toes with the things you do, say, and the ideas you come up with. You are growing so fast! I can't believe what a big boy you are for 5 years. Your stature, vocabulary, and your "old soul" make you seem so much older than 5, but then I look back at your baby pictures, and it seems like just yesterday we were giving you bottles, and pushing you in the little red car that you take Brynley for rides in now! You're probably going to be bigger than me-sooner rather than later!- but you'll always be my little boy. I'm always going to be your mommy, and I'm always going to love you. No matter what.

Happy Birthday, little man!!! I'm SO proud of you!

~Momma :)

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What a sweet post about an amazing little man!!!